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We would like to invite you to come to Naples, Florida, on dates convenient for you (any two consecutive days) for private training in everything you will need to start your online cupcake business. You will arrive the day before and the training will begin early the next day. You will be our guest at an upscale hotel. Your meals will include lunch two days and dinner at  gourmet Naples' restaurants two evenings. 

On the first day, we will have a training session to include:

1. Complying with legal requirements including ways to bake at home. 

2. Setting up your business.

3. Your to use it and make the most of it.

4. What it takes to be successful.

5. What equipment and supplies you will need. Discuss the difference between baking in a convection and conventional oven.

6. Calculating your costs.

7. Marketing.

8. Packaging.

9. Defining your market.

10. Getting free publicity

11. Where to buy ingredients, supplies & packaging.

12. A contract awarding your marketing area and outlining the agreement.

13. A discussion on social networking and how to build a Twitter business page and Pinterest & attract thousands of fans / customers like we did.

In the afternoon, you will spend time in our kitchen baking. At the end of the day, you will know exactly what you have to do to set up your business.

On the second day, you will join us again where you will work with Joanne baking & decorating cupcakes. Joanne will share some of her tips with you and review many of our recipes. She will work with you on basic cupcake decorating. When we finish, you will go to the airport and head home to start your new business, unless you want to extend your trip to Naples and head for the beach. When you leave Naples, you will have everything you need to start building your cupcake business.

What do you get:

  1. You will become Simply Cupcakes of (your town) 

  1. We will not put another Simply Cupcakes in your county. 

  1. You get a logo with your business name. 

  1. We will build you a website similar to Simply Cupcakes of Naples including an online order form. 

  1. One year free website hosting. 

  1. A manual covering everything discussed in the training. 

  1. At least 30 Simply Cupcakes recipes that have been market tested. 

  1. Sample packaging and a list of the best suppliers. 

  1. Access to the Simply Cupcakes online Message Board where you will receive marketing and baking tips and be able to exchange recipes with other Simply Cupcake locations. 

  1. Two nights hotel. 

  1. Meals on two days. 


The total cost for the Simply Cupcakes Training In Naples is $2950          

Everything listed above is included ! Private training for you and your guest.

BRING A SECOND PERSON FREE! (double occupancy)

February & March 2020 SOLD OUT!

Now Accepting Reservations for April or May 2020 Dates are subject to availability


***Make your own hotel, travel & and meal arrangements and save $1000 - Balance $1950



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