What You Should Know

To Start A Home Baking Business.


Starting a home cupcake baking business (or any business) is scary.

What if customers don't like your baking?

What if no one orders?

What if too many people order?

Where should you buy ingredients?

What about packaging?

What equipment will you need?

Should you advertise?

How do you set up for a Farmer's Market?

What should you charge?

What recipes should you bake every day?

Should you deliver?

How many cupcakes should you bake each day?

What do you do with cupcakes that don't sell?

Where will you get recipes.

Should you have a website?

There are many more questions that will pop up at the worst possible time!



    YOU NEED A PARTNER! The ideal partner will be someone who has done what you are trying to do....start a home baking business. It should be someone who is available to guide you or answer questions

when you need answers....not a few days or weeks later.


When you enroll in the Simply Cupcakes Distance Learning Program, we become your "partner". We will show you how to start your business step by step. You do the baking and we will guide you through the rest. 

  Visit our  Distance Learning Page to see what is included but remember you get our full support for a year.

We are not a franchise & you don't pay us royalties. All the profits are yours to keep.

We know what to do because we did it!