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This is an affordable and easy way to start a home based baking business with the help of Simply Cupcakes of Naples (FL). You will learn to bake, package and ship bundt cakes made from the same recipes as Simply Cupcakes' two most popular & critically acclaimed cupcakes; Naples Key Lime, Red Velvet or Moist Dark Chocolate. A Bundt cake is a cake that is baked in a Bundt pan, shaping it into a distinctive ring shape which makes it perfect for packing and shipping.






We will show you how to start a bundt cake business from home; full or just part time. All you need is an oven, a mixer and a passion for baking. We recommend that you call it Simply Bundts but you can use a name of your choice. We recommend that the cakes sell for $32 each which gives you a profit of $23.

Bundt cakes are 8" and will serve 8-10 and will stay moist without refrigeration for 5-7 days after delivery. You will learn to make the Simply Cupcakes cream cheese frosting and include it to be drizzled on the cake for serving.

You will receive the Simply Cupcakes recipes for the Key Lime & Red Velvet bundt cakes together with baking instructions. The recipe for the Simply Cupcakes cream cheese frosting is also included. Most cake recipes can be adapted to a bundt cake and you can add your favorites. 

We show you how to package and ship the bundt cakes shrink wrapped in a gift tin to arrive in 2 days. Also included is instructions for shipping to the military overseas or college students. Many people send them as gifts. Huge market. Repeat orders are common so you will build a customer base quick!

Bundt Cake Training is Included FREE with an enrollment in the Simply Cupcakes

Distance Learning Program 

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