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You love to bake! You have always loved to bake and dreamed of owning your own bakery or baking business. Your friends, relatives and co workers say you should open a business but you don’t know how to start and you are afraid of "selling". So you just keep baking….AND DREAMING.

Your story is not unusual. We hear it every day from people just like yourself. They know that starting a business is scary and expensive and they hate the idea of "Selling" 

They have no business experience and limited finances. They also know that if they could buy a franchise, they would get the help that they need but it would take $50,000 -   $250,000 and then they have to pay royalties every month to someone who will tell them what to bake and which recipes to use and what they can sell. 
That’s not the dream they had.

What if you could start a home based cupcake business for less than $500 including a pre approved Payment Plan and get all the help you need? What if it included a marketing plan that doesn't require any selling?
Sounds too good to be true

It's Easy & Affordable!

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